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Welcome property owner!  We appreciate you taking the time to research us and we look forward to taking excellent care of you and your rental property! 

Central to our business model is relentless research and implementation of the best systems and practices for property management, coupled with unparalleled customer service standards.  We do this, not only to affect positive change and higher standards in the property management industry, but to empower each of our offices to take exceptional care of you.

Each Brickleys Property Solutions office is a franchise that is owned and operated by locals! This means they can better serve you with knowledge of the area they both live and work in. In addition to being part of the small business backbone of our economy, each office has the support of the national corporate office. Brickleys Corporate provides your local team with the latest technologies, training, and tools to ensure they provide the highest level of service.

Most of our customers are amazed at our knowledge, training and our ability to provide real-time information while maintaining excellent and fast communication.  We encourage you to reach out to your local office whenever you are ready, we are here to take great care of you and your property! 

Upfront fees

What it cost to become our customer.


  • No “new account” or “setup” fee.

  • No fees while home is vacant.

  • No transfer fee if your tenant has 6 months or more remaining on their written lease.

Account setup, property assessment, coordination of work orders for market preparation (if needed), advertising, and showing are all included. All this, just for becoming a Brickleys customer.

Leasing Fee

One-time fee to place a new tenant.

Flat Rate.

  • No renewal fees when the same tenants renew their lease.

  • No commission-based fees.

Once we find, screen and approve the application, we'll sign a lease with your new tenant and charge this fee. In other words, we get you set up to generate income on the home before we charge you for the work.

Oh, and we don't charge the leasing fee on lease renewals.

Management fees

Monthly fee while tenant is in place.

Market Specific.

  • No hidden fees.

  • No maintenance markups.

  • No “add-ons” to get full service.

This fee is calculated off the monthly rent in the lease. Depending on which market you are in, it may be structured slightly different. However, it is always transparent and it covers all the management duties you would expect of a professional: service coordination, rent collection, inspections, lease enforcement, record keeping, reporting, and more.